Best 3 Bosch Stand Mixers & Attachments In 2021 Reviews

Are you searching for the best model of a Bosch stand mixer?

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Here I will write about their most popular models and their characteristics. Also, I will list their main functions to compare them easier. Compare these models and find the best one for you!


The Bosch Universal Stand Mixer Company

The Brand History

The Bosch company has a long history. It has started in 1886 in Germany and they develop many things, from car parts, energy, and building technologies, including video surveillance, cameras… they also produce different consumer goods. The list of their products is very long, but I will mention their kitchen appliances.

Variety Of Products

In 1952, the company has produced the first Bosch stand mixer. From then, they have have been improving it. They made a lot of moving attachments, so they mixers are multiple machines in one. They also sell grain mills, immersion blenders, and food processors.

Price Of Bosch Stand Mixer

Bosch professional mixer models have functions like professional models, but they are intended for personal use. They are expensive comparing to other stand mixer models. Yet, they are made from high-quality materials that are long-lasting. Also, you will get a 3-year warranty for a motor and 1-year warranty for attachments.

Customer Care And Support

If you need information about the warranty, you can check it on their web page. Also, you can find there return policy and rules. If you want to contact them, you can do it via several channels. You can send an email or contact them via social networks.

Where To Buy Bosch Cake Mixer?

You can find their products at their webshop and order it from there. Also, you can visit their stores and see their products live. Many distributors have their products in stores all over the world. But, if you want to order it online, I recommend you because of reliable service and extra discounts.

Top 3 Bosch Stand Mixer Reviews

Bosch Universal Plus 800w Mixer

Different, But Useful Design

Bosch Universal Plus stand mixer has a unique design, different from the other models on the market. Its whole body is a mixing bowl and you can`t see beaters at first. Yet, that makes it more compact and uses less space. Motor is out of the way and which makes it very lightweight and transportable. Minimalistic and modern lines make it good in any kitchen.

Bosch Universal Plus 800w Mixer

Higher Price For 2 In 1 Solution

Comparing it to other models of stand mixers on the market, Bosch cake mixer price is probably one of the highest. But, it is a long-lasting investment. It combines 2 machines in 1. It is a mixer and blender, which is separated.

Variety Of Attachments

There are plenty of attachments it comes with. It includes a blender, wire whips, dough hook, dough hook extender, and flat beaters. Bowl has 6.5 quarts made out of plastic. It has a handle to use it easier and removable drive shaft. It is covered with shield. It comes in 2 pieces: pouring shield and lid. Also, the bottom drive helps to add ingredients.

Bosch Universal Plus 800w Mixer review

Functions And Motor

Thanks to a powerful 800 watts motor, it is capable for different tasks. Yet, it is intended for personal use. All beaters are dual driven by belt transmission which ensures adequate torque. You can choose between 4 speeds.

Easy To Clean And Use

Bosch 800 watt mixer is easy to use and clean. All attachments, including mixing bowl, can be washed in a dishwasher. It only has one knob for changing speeds on the front side. Thanks to suction feet, it is stable on the countertop while mixing.

Short description:

  • Powerful motor and 4 speeds
  • Plastic and transportable mixing bowl
  • Dual beaters on the bottom drive
  • Higher price

Bosch Universal Plus Mum6n10

Functional And Modern Design

The design of this mum6n10ucm model is similar to other Bosch compact stand mixer models. It has a modern and elegant design. Bowl is hidden in the body and you can see what is mixing from the above. It is compact and uses little space. Also, it is made of plastic and very lightweight, so it`s easy to transport.

Bosch Universal Plus Mum6n10

Accessories To Turn Into Different Machines

Bosch universal stand mixer comes with different accessories. For a mixer, you will get wire whips, plastic whip drive, and dough hook. Beaters are dual and with independent rotation around the bowl mix evenly. You can choose other attachments to have a grinder or a blender. Also, you will get a 2-part shield and lid. Use them depending you need protection from splashing or you want to add ingredients.

Motor And Functions

Motor of Bosch universal plus 800w mixer is very powerful. At a higher speed, t gives a fast mixing and at lower speeds kneading or a clean start. Belt-driven transmission ensures even work. It has 4 speeds and every speed has a pulsing function for more control.

Bosch Universal Plus Mum6n10 review

Bosch Universal Stand Mixer Price And Warranty

This mixer costs a lot comparing to other mixers. But, you will get a 3-year motor warranty and a 1-year warranty for accessories. You can look at it as a long-term investment.

Easy To Use And Clean

This Bosch compact mixer has reachable buttons. There is the only knob for changing speeds and pulsing on the front side. All of the accessories are easy to remove. The bowl is also easy to remove thanks to handling. All accessories, including the bowl, can be washed in a dishwasher.

Short description:

  • powerful motor and 4 speeds
  • open design bowl with a shield
  • a lot of accessories

Bosch MUM4405 Compact Tilt-Head Stand Mixer

Bosch Compact Mixer Design

This mixer looks like other stand mixers. It has a mixing bowl in front and beaters above. It has a user-friendly design and elegant lines. That makes it modern and suits well in any interior. Because of the compact body, it doesn`t use too much space. Also, it is very lightweight and transportable. Thanks to suction cups at the bottom, it won`t move when is mixing.

Bosch MUM4405 Compact Tilt-Head Stand Mixer

Accessories And Parts

Thanks to many accessories it comes with, it can have a function of many machines in one. It can become a juicer, a grinder or a blender. For a mixer, you will get a regular beater, a whisk, and a dough hook. Also, you will get a 4-quart plastic mixing bowl. It has a handle for easier moving. It has a pouring shield that prevents mess and helps you add ingredients.

Functions And Motor

400 motor is powerful to finish everyday tasks and at the same time is quiet not to make too much noise. You can choose between 4 speeds. Beaters have planetary gearing for even mixing. That also helps clean mixing, without splashing.

Bosch MUM4405 Compact Tilt-Head Stand Mixer review

Easy To Use And Clean

It has a few functions and is easy to use. There is a knob with speeds on the side. Next to is button which lifts head. Thanks to the tilting button, it is easy to add ingredients or remove attachments. All of the accessories can be washed in a dishwasher.

Warranty And Care

Bosch compact stand mixer has a 3-year warranty on a motor and a 1-year warranty on accessories. It is important to handle it with care. All of the instructions you have on printed manuals inside the box.

Short description:

  • powerful, but quiet motor
  • tilting head
  • plastic mixing bowl with a handle

Bosch Stand Mixer Attachments

Bosch stand mixer can use a variety of accessories and become a different machine. Also, because the mixer is often used, you can lose or break attachments. But, you can always find replacement parts in their offer or made by different universal brands.

Bosch Cake Mixer Manuals

For each product, you will get printed manuals in an original box. There you can find all the information about right using and caring about it. If you lose them or need extra information, you can download it from this site. Also, there you can find different recipes and ways to use their products.

Conclusion: Why To Buy Bosch Stand Mixer?

Bosch company produces professional and sophisticated home appliances. Their mixers are expensive, like Bosch universal plus mum6n10 or Bosch universal plus 800 watt models. More, the classical model is Bosch compact mixer mum4405 with tilting head. All of them can have extra accessories and become a juicer or a blender.

If you more prefer smaller mixers, I advise you to read this article about best-rated hand mixers. Maybe you find these mixers too expensive, so see some affordable stand mixer on this blog. Also, find out everything about stand mixer attachment on this site.