Best 3 Purple Hand & Stand Mixers You Can Buy In 2021 Reviews

Have you been searching for a purple hand mixer?

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Here I will write about the most popular purple hand and purple stand mixer models. I will describe their characteristics but also name their colour shades to give you more options for you to choose from.


What Should You Know Before Buying Purple Mixer?

Difference In Colour Shade

Not every purple mixer has the same shade of purple. You can choose between different colours like plumberry purple or pale purple. The shade also depends on the material it is on. Also, it looks better if it comes in the shiny variant.

How To Use And Clean Them?

There is no special care needed to protect the colour. Usually, it is a quality colour which will last. But also, you should avoid strong chemicals to clean them. Instead, use the only wet rug. Keep them away from direct sun to keep the colour bright for a longer time.

Purple Mixer Price Range

Different prices for mixers mean that they have different characteristics and quality. A small purple hand mixer is the cheapest model. It is compact, but not for every task. If you want a big purple stand mixer, you can use it for more complicated tasks and it has more functions, but you will have to pay more.

Why Are They Better Looking Than Other Colours?

Purple colour brings a dash of retro look in any interior. Also, bright colours are always welcome in any household. Purple is a bit darker colour and it covers if there is any dust or splash on it.

Are They Only Good For Cake Mixing?

A hand mixer can be suitable for many more tasks, like egg beating, dough making… Stand mixers usually have a power hub on which you can add different accessories and turn them into different machines. It can be a meat minder, a pasta maker, a shredder…

Top 3 Purple Hand And Stand Mixers Reviews

Best Purple 5 Quart Stand Mixer

Purple Kitchenaid Stand Mixer

Unusual Colour But Classic Design

Purple colour is not what you can usually see on kitchen appliances. Yet, it may have a different colour, but it has a reliable design. A wide foot helps it to be stable while mixing. Also, it brings colour to the kitchen. There are different shades of purple you can choose from. The first is grape purple and the second is Kitchenaid mixer plumberry purple.

Purple Kitchenaid Stand Mixer

Functions And Mixing Type

This mixer uses a 59-points planetary mixing. That means it covers a whole mixing bowl touching 59 points while rotating. It has 10 speeds to choose from and a powerful motor for big amounts for mixing. You can adjust them on a sliding button on the side.

Attachments It Comes With

This mixer comes with standard attachments. All of them are covered to protect from scratching. It comes with a 5-quart mixing bowl, a dough hook, a whisk and a regular beater. It has a power hub which turns it to any machine you want. There are 12 different accessories which you can buy and transform it.

Purple Kitchenaid Stand Mixer review

Other Purple Kitchenaid Mixer Possibilities

Among the functions above, this purple Kitchenaid stand mixer has a tilting head which helps you add ingredients or remove attachments.

How To Clean It?

It is easy to clean this mixer. All of the attachments can be washed in a dishwasher. Also, a mixing bowl is dishwasher-safe too. It has a big handle which helps to handle it. The mixer should be only wiped to keep it clean.

Short description:

  • 10 different speeds
  • 5-quart mixing bowl with a handle
  • Different accessories

Best Compact Purple Hand Mixer

Purple Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Electric Hand Mixer

Practical And Appealing Design

This model of a hand mixer has a compact design which is suitable for every home. The body is narrow and it is made of plastic to be lightweight. It has a long cord to move around. Thanks to a big and ergonomic handle, you can hold it for a longer time. Silver chrome parts make it look elegant.

Purple Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Electric Hand Mixer

Which Functions Does It Have?

Since it is a hand mixer, it has fewer functions than a stand mixer. Yet, it is capable of every personal task. The mixer has 6 speeds which you can choose from. The 290 watts motor is powerful but works quietly. If you need extra power, it has a quick burst button for maximum mixing speed. It also has a pulse function to pulse while mixing. It comes with a slip-on storage case where you can keep all attachments and the cord.

How To Use And Clean It?

All of the attachments can be washed in a dishwasher. The mixer body just needs to be wiped to keep it clean. It is compact and can`t absorb dirt. All of the attachments can be removed with an eject button. Also, all of the buttons are top-mounted to reach them easily.

Purple Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Electric Hand Mixer review

Attachments It Comes With

It comes with regular flat beaters, a whisk, a milkshake blender rod and dough hooks. They are made of stainless steel and long-lasting.  They have a twisted wire design which helps you to incorporate ingredients easier. Also, they are suitable for all types of mixing bowls.

Price And Warranty

This mixer has a very affordable price. It comes with a 1-year warranty if there is any problem. Also, it has a manual and instruction book which is recommended to read before you use it.

Short description:

  • 6 speeds for you to choose
  • Comes with many attachments
  • Affordable price

Best Purple Cake Hand Mixer

Black And Decker Helix Mixer Purple

Classical But Modern Model

This mixer has classic lines which make it look like any other. But an interesting purple colour and a chrome cap makes it look modern and a bit different. It has a bog handle for holding. Since it is made of plastic, it is lightweight for longer holding.

Black And Decker Helix Mixer Purple

Different Attachments

It uses Helix types of beaters. They have a special design which means more even mixing. Also, they are covered to protect bowls from scratching. It comes with flat beaters, dough hooks and a whisk. They are dishwasher safe and can be removed with an eject button.

Functions And Characteristics

The mixer has 5 speeds you can choose from. Start with slower ones to avoid splashing. It has a powerful motor which is efficient for more quantities. All of the buttons are top-mounted and easy to reach with one hand. Also, it has a turbo boost option for maximum mixing power.

Black And Decker Helix Mixer Purple review

Easy To Use And Storage

This mixer is easy to use. You can rest it on the bowl edge thanks to a flat heel. Also, it comes with a storage case which is a slip-on. You can keep there all attachments on the one place. Also, it helps it to stand and use minimum storage space.

Price And Warranty

Price is very affordable. It can be used anywhere and this type is perfect for travelling or camping. You will get a 1-year warranty if anything goes wrong. Also, you can buy all the attachments if you need one.

Short description:

  • Slip-on storage case
  • 5 speeds
  • Powerful motor
  • Helix types of beaters

Conclusion: Which Two Purple Mixer Models You Should Buy?

There are different types of mixers on the market. But if you are looking for a purple version, this two you must check. The first is a purple hand mixer which has a compact body. It has a slip-on storage case for a better organisation and is ideal for cakes. The best purple stand mixer is purple artisan model which is classic with professional functions.

Don`t just stop on these models, check this blog and find the best hand mixers. If you are more for hands-free models, check all top-rated stand mixer models on this page. Also, you can find everything about mixer attachments in this article.