Best 5 Stand & Hand Held Mixer Attachments In 2021 Reviews

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Here, I will first describe some replacement parts than list the most popular stand mixer attachments. I will also give some hand mixer attachments which can be useful in everyday use. There are many of them and each producer has its own, but I will list the most helpful ones.


Facts About Hand And Stand Mixer Parts And Accessories

Where To Buy Hand Mixer Attachments?

If you need a hand or stand mixer attachments, you can always search for them in a shop or producer you have bought it from. Luckily, you can find all the main and even some additional attachments on and order it online.

Which Are Mixers Replacement Parts?

Since the mixer is a compact machine, there are no many replacement parts you can change on your own. You can send it on repair to some service or to producer and use a warranty. Yet, if you lose a screw or a button, you can easily buy it on your own.

Stand Mixer Attachments

There are many attachments you can buy for a stand mixer, not only replace the one you get in an original package. Many mixers have a power hub on which you can add more than 15 different accessories and turn them to completely different machines.

Hand Mixer Attachments

You can find different beaters for the mixer to upgrade your hand mixer. Also, you can find a mixer cover or paddle attachment for hand mixers to help in everyday use. You may find also different mixing bowl to keep your dishes safe.

Price Range

There is a wide price range of accessories. You can find cheap beaters for mixer, but also expensive accessories for stand mixer like a blender with a plastic cup. It depends on the producer and type of accessories.

Top 5 Stand And Hand Mixer Accessories

Hand Mixer Mixing Bowls

KitchenAid Mixing Bowls, Set of 5

KitchenAid Mixing Bowls, Set of 5

You can use a hand mixer with any bowl you want, especially if you cook with it. But there are special models of bowl mixer intended. This set has 5 different mixing bowls and they come in different colors. They come in different dimensions, but everyone has a rubber non-slip bottom to be stable. Also, they have a pour spout to reduce mess. They have a handle for easier transport, too. They are easy to store because each goes into another. Also, that helps to bring them anywhere with you or use them for other purposes. Because they are made of durable plastic, you can wash them in a dishwasher.

Stand Mixer Cover And Pouring Shield

GUCHO Universal Pouring Chute For Stand Mixer

GUCHO Universal Pouring Chute For Stand Mixer

Because you usually need to add ingredients while mixing, you can avoid splashing and mess if you use a pouring shield. It not only helps you to avoid the mess, but also to control adding ingredients and to add them evenly. This pouring shield is made of transparent plastic and looks like a tunnel in which you slide wanted ingredients. It is suitable only for a stainless steel bowl and some sizes. You easily attach it on the edge of the bowl and later wash it in a dishwasher. It is made of durable plastic and should last longer. The shield is also good for your safety since you don`t add ingredients directly and you can`t hurt your fingers.

Stand Mixer Baking Accessories

KitchenAid Sifter + Scale Attachment

KitchenAid Sifter + Scale Attachment

Kitchenaid stand mixers have a variety of different accessories you can add on, but this is the most helpful for baking. This is a battery-operated scale where you weight your ingredients and then they are gradually incorporated into the mixing bowl. You simply attach this scale with a sifter on a power hub above the mixing bowl. Thanks to a long canal under the sifter which leads directly into the bowl, you avoid mess and have free hands. You also have a scale plate and use it separately. The capacity of sifter is 4 cups of dry ingredients, which is generous. It is all made of plastic and some parts are transparent so you can track what is going on. It comes with a storage case to keep all organized.

Stand Mixer Cover

Large Size Stand Mixer Cover For Different Models

Large Size Stand Mixer Cover For Different Models

This large stand mixer cover has multiple purposes. It protects your stand mixer from dust since it usually stands on the countertop. Also, it protects from scratches or destroying if you are working in a kitchen near it. This cover can be used for many models, the only thing you should consider is the height. It is dustproof and waterproof, so even splashing won`t bother it. It is easy to use with a big entrance on the front side. You will also get a smaller bag which can be used as an organisation pocket. The mixer cover can be washed in a washing machine.

Hand Mixer Beaters

4 Pieces W10490648 Hand Mixer Hand Beaters

4 Pieces W10490648 Hand Mixer Hand Beaters

The most needed hand mixer attachments are beaters, especially regular flat beaters because they are the most used. In this package, you will for a cheap price get 2 pairs of regular beaters. They fit into different models. Since they are made of sturdy metal, they are durable and can be washed in a dishwasher. They have a useful wire design which can make quick results and can be used for different tasks. They have safety pins to click on the spot and stand there. Also, you can use it with any type of bowl without fear of scratching.

Conclusion: What Are Hand And Stand Mixer Accessories?

Since you can`t repair it on your own, you can upgrade your mixer with different accessories. One of the stand mixer attachments is a stand mixer cover which protects the mixer from dust, water splashing or any other damage. The most popular hand mixer attachments are beaters for hand mixer because you use them the most.

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