Top 4 Oster Hand & Stand Mixer & Attachments In 2021 Reviews

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Never mind is it stand or Oster hand mixer, I will provide basic information on each. After every review, you can read a short description of every model. In that way, you can easily compare them all.


 The Oster Electric Mixer Brand Information

Many Other Products Than Mixers

Even if they have a lot of models of the mixer, they sell a wide variety of other kitchen appliances. You can find blenders and juicers, ovens and toasters, bread makers, fryers, many electric kitchen tools, and different and interesting gadgets. Among the usual kitchen help, you can find some new ideas.

Brand History

The Oster Company was founded in 1924 and its first occupation was hair clippers production. After buying Stevens Electric Company, they patented their blender and start selling electronic kitchen appliances. As a brand, they promise performance, versatility, and durability. Today, they produce similar kitchen appliances with that motto.

Where To Buy Oster Cake Mixer?

You can buy all models of mixers as well as other accessories on their webshop. You just need to log in to buy. Also, you can find all of their products at distributors. I recommend you because you can get it quickly and use a discount.

Customer Service and Help

For every mixer model, you will get a warranty which you can use if there is any problem. If you can solve a problem on your own, you can watch how-to videos on their web page as a help. They have several canals to contact them and ask the question. Also, they have a return policy and service rules which will help you when sending.

Oster Mixer Price Range

Oster offers mixers of affordable prices. Some models are more expensive than others, but they have more functions. They are built to last longer and have a warranty, so you can look at it as an investment for your kitchen.

Top 4 Oster Stand And Hand Mixer Reviews

Oster Planetary Stand Mixer

Elegant And Functional Design

Thanks to its practical design, this model of Oster planetary mixer is very user-friendly. It has classical and elegant lines and suits well in any kitchen. This Oster stand mixer has a wide foot with a rubber bottom for more stability. It can work at any speed at your counter.

Oster Planetary Stand Mixer

Powerful Oster Planetary Motor

Oster Planetary mixer has a powerful motor. It has 350 watts and is capable of solving any task. The motor can be a bit louder when is on a higher speed, but you have a free hand and can do anything else. It can`t overheat, just keep it away from another machine when is working.

Tilting Head And 12 Speeds

On the side of the mixer, you have a knob with speeds. Also, there is a button for the head. You can tilt it if you need to add any ingredient and lock it in each position. With 12 speeds, you can use the Oster stand mixer for any reason you need. You can have a clean and slow start but also have higher speed.

Oster Planetary Stand Mixer review

Bowl With Handles For More Control

Stainless steel 4.5-quart bowl is very useful. It has handles on the side so you can easily work with it. You can move it around or melt something on the steam and then continue mixing. Also, it has a splash guard which protects from splashing around. That splash guard has a funnel for adding ingredients.

Which Accessories Are Included?

In an original Oster planetary stand mixer package, you will get a bowl with a splash guard, original flat beater, a whisk, a dough hook and printed manuals with warranty.

Short description:

  • Powerful motor with 12 speeds
  • Bowl with a splash guard
  • Tilting locked head

Oster Hand Mixer With Heatsoft Technology

Revolutionary HeatSoft Technology

The most innovative thing about this Oster hand mixer is that it uses Oster HeatSoft technology which helps you melting ingredients you mix. It produces warm air while you are mixing. When you use room temperature ingredients, you get fluffier final products. Also, you don`t have to think if you took an ingredient to meltdown because you can have an instant result.

Oster Hand Mixer With Heatsoft Technology

Oster 7-Speed Hand Mixer Motor Power

Heat soft hand mixer has a more powerful motor than other Oster handheld mixers. Part of it is because of the healing process. It has 270 watts and you can control speeds on the top-mounted button. If you need extra speed, you can boost each speed with a press on a boost button. There are 7 speeds, from light starters to very fast mixing.

Modern Design And Functional Storage

The design of the Oster heat soft hand mixer is very appealing. It has 2 colors, white and rose and looks very elegant. Thanks to long handle you can hold it safely for a longer time. All of the buttons are close to reaching. It comes with a storage case that is under the body. There, you can storage cord and all of the accessories so you won`t lose or break them. Also, it helps it to stand and be tidy when you keep it.

Oster Hand Mixer With Heatsoft Technology review

Accessories And Cleaning  Of Oster HeatSoft Mixer

In an original package, you will get original beaters, dough hooks, and a whisker. They are easily removed by pressing an eject button. For these Oster mixer beaters, it is safer if you wash them by hand, not in a dishwasher.

Short description:

  • Heat soft technology melts ingredients
  • 7 various speeds
  • Functional storage case

Oster Clean Start Hand Mixer

Very Elegant And Sophisticated Design

This model of Oster hand mixer is a very elegant solution for everyday kitchen tasks. It has a big handle which is suitable for longer holding. Its elegant lines make it look good in any environment. Also, all of the buttons are top-mounted, so it looks clean.

Oster Clean Start Hand Mixer

Powerful But Gentle Work

Thanks to 270 watts motor, it is capable of mixing the thick dough as well as delicate cream. Its clean start technology prevents splashing at the beginning starting with slow rotation. You can choose between 7 speeds and their descriptions are written in the manuals.

User-Friendly Functions

With all buttons top-mounted, you can easily reach and use them. You have a button for speeds, an eject button for easier beaters removing and a boost button. This function helps you achieve more powerful rotation at any speed.

Oster Clean Start Hand Mixer review

Different Accessories

In its original package, you will get a pair of classic beaters, a non-stick dough hooks, and a whisk. Yet, this whisk is different from other Oster hand mixer beaters. It is a Super Aerator Whisk which provides faster rotation and fluffier result. It is better to wash them by hands.

Easy To Use, Storage And Transport

Thanks to accessible buttons, it is very easy to use it. With a long cord, you can move around with it. Also, it has a zipper bag for storage.  There you can keep all of the attachments and bring it easily wherever you go.

Short description:

  • Zipper bag as a storage
  • Clean start technology prevents splashing
  • Super Aerator Whisk attachment

Oster 5 Speed Hand Mixer with Storage Case

Cheaper Model Of Oster Hand Mixer

This model of Oster electric mixer is the cheapest solution. It has practical design and is very lightweight if you need to hold it for a longer time. Unlike Oster stand mixer, this model will keep your hands busy. But, ergonomic designed grip and handle will ease the handling.

Oster 5 Speed Hand Mixer with Storage Case

Oster 5 Speed Hand Mixer Functions

It has a bit lower motor than other models, 240-watt motor. You can choose between 5 speeds. Speed button is on the top, easy to reach and use. If you need more power, you can press a Burst-Of-Power button. It will rotate faster and mix evenly.

Easy To Clean

Because it has a slim body, it is easy to store this model of Oster hand mixer. Accessories are easy to clean and eject without the mess with an eject button. Also, you can wash them in a dishwasher. It has flat surfaces, so you can just wipe it.

Oster 5 Speed Hand Mixer with Storage Case review

Accessories You Get

Oster 5 speed hand mixer comes with a pair of original beaters and dough hooks. If you need an extra beater, you can find them on their web page.

Short description:

  • 5 speeds
  • The cheapest and the most practical mixer

Oster Hand And Stand Mixer Accessories And Replaceable Parts

On their web page, you can find all kinds of beaters and parts you need. You can find replacement beaters for Oster hand mixer if you lose or break original. Also, you might need an additional Oster hand mixer attachments. There are also replacement parts for stand mixer models and Oster stand mixer attachments.

Oster Hand And Stand Mixer Manuals

You will get a printed copy of manuals with every product you buy. In case you lose it or need extra information about the product, you can find manuals for both stand and hand models of mixers here.

Conclusion: Why To Buy Oster Electric Mixer?

Comparing Oster mixers, I noticed that they have similar functions. It depends on what you need. If you want to control mixing by yourself, choose Oster hand mixer. You may also find a model of  Oster HeatSoft mixer interesting.  If you want free hands, look at this Oster stand mixer.

There is plenty of information I gave you about this particular brand, but you might want to read more about hand mixer, so read this blog. You can find models all popular models of stand mixer and compare then in this article about top-rated stand mixer. If you want to see some baking mixer models, check this post.