Best Farberware Stand Mixer On The Market In 2021 Review

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About Faberware Company And Products

Company History And Background

The Faberware Company was established in 1900 in Manhattan. Unusually, they have started with selling vases and ornaments. The earliest products were the dish, like pans. Today there are also their most recognizable products. Yet, they also have electric kitchen appliances in their offer.

Variety Of Products

Today, their most seller products are cookware and baking ware products. You can find all kinds of pans or tins. Also, they have a stand mixer model that is intended for personal use but works like a professional machine. They also produce other electric appliances, like oil-free fryers and coffee grinders.

How To Contact Them And Where To Buy Their Products?

You can find contacts on their web page and ask them for help. They don`t sell kitchen appliances on their web page, only by distributors. So if you need any help, you should contact the distributor where you have bought it from. I recommend you shop online at because not only you will get an extra discount; they have fast and reliable delivery. Also, they offer free technical support.

Farberware Professional Stand Mixer Price

The only model of Faberware mixer has a fair and affordable. This model is one of the cheapest stand mixer models. Yet, it has solid performance and can last long.

Why Buy From This Company?

The Faberware Company is under Meyer Corporation. Since then, its mission is to be environmentally friendly. Also, their mission is to produce not only eco-friendly but useful and long-lasting products.

Top Faberware Stand Mixer Review

Farberware 4.7 Quart Stand Mixer

Simple But User-Friendly Design

The design of 4.7-quart stand mixer is very simple. It has a big mixing head with a motor in. The foot is wide to be stable. It has suction cups to hold still when mixing. Yet, construction is durable and the compact body doesn`t use much space. It goods and elegant on the kitchen desk.

Farberware 4.7 Quart Stand Mixer

How Many Speeds Does Farberware Mixer 4.7 Quart Have?

The mixer has 6 speeds which can be controlled on the side with a knob. 6 speeds help you with controlling mixing or kneading. Also, it provides a clean start using slow speeds. The motor is pretty powerful, it has 600 watts and can work for a long time. It is like you have a professional kitchen help. Also, it works quietly and can`t overheat.

Farberware 4.7 Quart Stand Mixer Professional Attachments

The mixer comes with a regular flat beater. It is intended for lighter creams and mixing. Also, it has a dough hook. All of the attachments are made of metal. A mixing bowl is made of stainless steel and has 4.7 quarts. Thanks to the planetary mixing function, they cover the whole bowl surface. It has a protective lid that covers from splashing around.

Farberware 4.7 Quart Stand Mixer review

How To Use And Clean It?

Farberware 4.7 quart stand mixer is made of metal with a shiny red-colored surface. It just needs to be wiped to be clean. All of the attachments, including the mixing bowl, can be washed in a dishwasher. They are easy to remove and clean.

Short description:

  • 6 speeds and a powerful motor
  • Stabile design
  • Made of metal
  • 7-quart mixing bowl

Farberware Mixer Accessories

Farberware stand mixer has a power hub on ahead for different attachments. It can transform to blender or shredder. All of the Farberware mixer accessories you can find on the webshop of partners who sell mixers. If you lose attachment you got in an original box, contact seller to replace it.

Conclusion: Why To Buy Faberware Stand Mixer?

Farberware stand mixer is the only model of mixer that this company produces. It has a powerful motor and 6 speeds. Farberware 4.7 quart stand mixer is a reliable and professional kitchen help. The company takes care of the quality of products, so it is made of metal and long-lasting. Also, its price is affordable.

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