Best 4 Pink Handheld & Stand Mixers For Sale In 2021 Reviews

There are many colours of mixers that you can find, but you are specifically searching for a pink hand mixer?

Then read my article till the end!

Here, I will describe the most popular pink hand and pink stand mixer models. Apart from the colour, you can find information about their characteristics and functions, too.


Things To Consider When You Buy Pink Mixer

Colour Which Suits Good Everywhere

Pink is a soft colour that suits well into any environment. Sometimes, it is connected with childish and girly behaviour, but it doesn`t need to be like that. Using a pink colour on your kitchen appliances you can lift your interior and bring colours in it. Also, it looks more vintage and can match your personality.

How To Clean Them?

Since this is a very sensitive colour, you should consider how to keep and clean it. You should keep it away from the direct sun. That can prevent colour to fade. Also, clean it with water or mild detergent to avoid damages.

Are They Quality?

Some well-known producers sell their mixers in different colours. A pink hand mixer is the same quality as any other hand mixer. The only difference between a pink electronic mixer and the other is just colour. They still have the same features.

What Is Pink Mixers Price Range?

There are different models of pink mixers, so they have different prices. The cheapest models are handheld mixer models. They are smaller versions and that is one of the reasons. Also, some models, like Kitchenaid artisan pink mixer have a higher price because they have more functions.

Pink Cake Mixer Use

Not only it is pleasant for the eyes, but these mixers are also useful in everyday tasks. They are intended mostly for personal use. Also, they are good for baking, making creams, meringues and many other dishes. Usually, you will get a recipe book and ideas with your pink mixer to use maximally all its potential.

Best 4 Pink Hand And Stand Mixer Models

The Best Pink Electric Hand Mixer

Pink Kitchenaid Hand Mixer 7 Speed

Many Kitchenaid Pink Shades

You have the possibility to choose between different shades of pink. There is a regular pink Kitchenaid mixer. Its colour is mild and looks kinda vintage. A lighter shade is guava pink Kitchenaid. Both mixers have similar characteristics, but different colours, depending on your wishes.

Pink Kitchenaid Hand Mixer 7 Speed

Modern And Compact Design

Kitchenaid hand mixers have a compact body design. It has a big and firm handle for mixing and flat heel to rest it down. Their body is made of plastic, but the surface is shiny and looks expensive. They are lightweight which is good for longer holding.

Useful Functions And Possibilities

This pink hand mixer has functional options. It is intended to use it at home, but the motor is strong for every task. It has 5 speeds to choose between slower for a clean start and faster for perfect results. Also, it has an eject button to remove attachments.

Pink Kitchenaid Hand Mixer 7 Speed review

How Do You Use And Clean Pink Kitchenaid Hand Mixer?

It is a very practical hand mixer which you can use with one hand only. All of the buttons are top-mounted and easy to reach. The speed button has clearly marked speeds you can choose from. All of the attachments can be washed in a dishwasher. The mixer only needs to clean with a wet rug.

Attachments And Accessories

In an original package, you will get regular flat beaters. They have a turbo design which ensures maximum utilization while mixing. Also, you will get a 1-year warranty for all problems. Yet, if you need another attachment, you can buy it from their webpage.

Short description:

  • 5 speeds and powerful motor
  • Shiny 2 shades of pink
  • Compact body

The Best Pink Kitchen Stand Mixer

Pink Kitchenaid Stand Mixer

Many Shades Of Pink

There are different pink colours you can choose from. The only difference is in the shade, price and other characteristics remain the same. There is baby pink Kitchenaid mixer shade, guava glaze shiny model, dried rose colour shade and silk pink Kitchenaid mixer. You can choose the exact shade of your kitchen.

Pink Kitchenaid Stand Mixer

Design And Shape

Pink Kitchenaid artisan model has compact and classic lines. It is standard stand mixer with the wide foot for stability and compact body which doesn`t use too much space. Also, its lines are clear and simple which makes it look classic and vintage with any pink shade.

Which Functions Does it Have?

There are 10 speeds you can choose from. The first option is only to stir ingredients together to prevent splashing. Then, you have more powerful speeds. Their descriptions and in which opportunity you use each speed is described in manuals. Also, it has a tilting head which helps to add ingredients and remove attachments.

Pink Kitchenaid Stand Mixer review

Accessories Of Kitchenaid Artisan Stand Mixer Pink

Pink artisan mixer comes with a regular flat beater, a whisk, a dough hook. It has a 5-quart mixing bowl for a large mixing capacity. But, you can combine more accessories. It has a power hub on the top on which you can add different accessories like a pasta maker, a shredder, a meat mince…

How To Use It Properly?

It isn`t complicated to use it. You can have free hands and perfect mixing results. Speed control is on the side. There is also a knob for tilting head. All of the instructions you can find in manuals. The stainless steel mixing bowl and all attachments can be washed in a dishwasher.

Short description:

  • 10 different speeds
  • More shades of pink
  • Stabile and compact design
  • 5 quarts mixing bowl
  • It can be more machines in one

The Best Pink Professional Mixer

Kitchenaid Professional 600 Pink

Only One, But Attractive Colour

Unlike other models, this model has only one but the very appealing shade of pink. It is a guava glaze shade. Thanks to the metal housing, the surface is flat and shiny which makes it very attractive. Also, it suits well into different interiors and brings life to it.

Kitchenaid Professional 600 Pink

Pink Kitchenaid Mixer 6 Qt Attachments

This model comes with different attachments you can use for preparation. It has a flat beater, a spiral dough hook and a wired whisk. It also has a power hub for other accessories, so you can convert it into a different machine. This saves you space and money. The mixing bowl is rather big which helps for mixing a bigger amount. It has 6 quarts and is made of stainless steel. All of the attachments, including mixing bowl, can be washed in a dishwasher.

Design Solutions

Design of this pink stand mixer is compact and stable. It has a wide foot and suction cups to be stabile when are working. Also, it has a tilting head for easier removing attachments or adding ingredients. A bowl is lifted and supported with handles which helps with mixing heavier ingredients. It has a big handle to remove it easier.

Kitchenaid Professional 600 Pink review

Functions And Characteristics

Thanks to the powerful motor, this mixer is capable of different tasks. It has 10 speeds which you can control on the side sliding-button. Attachments and accessories are easy to remove and change.

Short description:

  • Lifted mixing bowl
  • 10 different speeds
  • Shiny guava glaze pink colour

The Best Pink Cheap Stand Mixer

Dash Everyday Stand Mixer Pink

One But Pretty Pink Shade

Dash everyday stand mixer has also a pink shade option. It is a vivid baby pink with a shiny surface. Thanks to this shade, it brings a retro look to every kitchen. It has classic stand mixer design but chrome linens give it luxury dash.

Dash Everyday Stand Mixer Pink

Different And Useful Functions

Its 250 watts motor is powerful enough for everyday tasks. It works quietly and can`t overheat. It has 6 speeds and the first one is to just incorporate ingredients. It also has a tilting head for easier removing of a bowl or to add an ingredient.

What Accessories Does It come With?

The mixing bowl is made of steel and is big enough for large capacity. It comes with a flat beater and dough hooks. Also, in an original package, you will get a recipe book and manuals. All of the attachments can be washed in a dishwasher. This pink stand mixer is easy to use since all of the buttons are on the one side. Also, it allows you to have free hands.

Dash Everyday Stand Mixer Pink review

Price And Warranty

This is one of the cheapest models of a stand mixer. Its body is made of plastic and is recommended to keep it away from direct sun rays. But plastic is durable and should last longer. Also, it has a 1-year warranty in case it needs to be repaired.

Short description:

  • Shiny baby pink colour
  • 6 speeds and a quiet motor
  • Cheapest model

Conclusion: Which 4 Best Pink Hand And Stand Mixer You Should Buy?

There are different models of pink mixers and different shades you can choose from. In my opinion, the best options are pink Kitchenaid hand mixer 7 speed and pink Kitchenaid stand mixer. A pink hand mixer is a practical 6 speeds solution, while pink stand mixer leaves your hands free. Both pink mixers have more shades to choose from.

In case you want to find other hand mixers on the market, check this review on the best hand mixer. You can also find the best stand mixer on this blog and compare the other models on the market. Find more models of a cheap cake mixer here and start your mixing adventure.