Best 2 Breville Hand & Stand Mixer To Find In 2021 Reviews

Is anyone searching for a perfect Breville hand mixer?

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I will describe 2 models of Breville hand mixer and one model of Breville stand mixer. You can compare their characteristics and find the perfect one for you. Also, read till the end to find extra information for other models!


The Breville Products And Brand History

How Was Breville Company Established?

Breville originates from Australia. It was established in 1932 with two friends, Bill O`Brien and Harry Norville. They mixed their surnames to have a company name. They started producing bomb detectors and radios, but after the war, they turned to kitchen appliances.

Which Products They Are Famous For?

Their most significant products are kitchen appliances. They are intended for personal use. They produce espresso machines and have their brand Nespresso. They also produce ovens, kettles, juicers, blenders, toasters and many more. Yet, I will only describe mixers in this article.

Where You Can Buy Their Products?

You can buy their products on their webpage. They sell it to 30 countries all around the world. Some distributors have products in their shops. Yet, if you want to buy online, I recommend you to use to have an extra discount.

How Do They Care About Customers?

The company has several channels to contact them with a problem. You can call them or send an email. Maybe is the easiest way to register your product and read frequently asked questions and answers. Also, they have a cooking blog community where you can share recipes.

What Is A Price Range?

Breville stand and hand mixer have a fair price. It depends on the model, but they are made of durable materials to last longer. If you need a part replacement, you can use a 1-year product and 5-years motor warranty.   You just need to register products online to have rights. Also, be sure to read well return policies.

Top 2 Breville Hand And Stand Mixer Reviews

Breville Handy Mix Scraper

Revolution Mixing Technology

The most interesting thing about Breville Scraper is its mixing technology. It uses IQ technology to recognize which attachment is on and to adjust speed to it. That means it is sensitive to accessories and products in the bowl. Also, it is hand controlled and can cover the whole area.

Breville Handy Mix Scraper

Innovative And Sophisticated Design

Scraper mixer has a minimalistic design. Yet, it has an ergonomic and big handle for longer comfortable holding. It has a long cord. Also, it is lightweight and compact, so it won`t tire hands while mixing. A mixer has a timer top-mounted. It counts off the exact mixing time for some precise recipes. Another thing is mixing light which helps seeing ingredients.

Breville Scraper Mixer Motor And Speeds

Thanks to a powerful 240 motor, this Breville bhm800sil model is capable of different tasks. Still, it doesn`t make too much noise when is mixing. It has 9 speeds to choose from. A speed button is top-mounted, easy to reach and to change speeds with only one hand. There are also boost and pause buttons.

Breville Handy Mix Scraper review

Accessories And Attachments

Breville handy mix scraper comes with a pair of regular flat beaters, dough hooks, and a whisk. Beaters are covered with rubber for quiet work and to avoid scratching the mixing bowl. All of the attachments are easy to remove with an eject button and dishwasher-safe. It has a storage case that fits on the bottom where you can store attachments and cord. Also, it contributes to stability for storage.

Price And Warranty Policy

The Scraper mixer costs a bit more than other hand mixer models. Yet, it is made of durable and long-lasting materials to last longer. There is a 1-year warranty for any problem.

Short description:

  • 9 speeds and 250 watts motor
  • Storage case for attachments
  • IQ mixing technique
  • Alarm with a LED screen

Breville Bem800xl Stand Mixer

Classic And Modern Design

Breville bhm800 has a compact and modern design. It has good measurements to fit on a kitchen top. Thanks to wide foot, it is stable even when is working. The minimalistic design makes it look good in any interior. The mixer is intended for personal use but works like professional help.

Breville Bem800xl Stand Mixer

Breville Mixer Pro Functions

It uses planetary mixing type with the different rotation of beaters and mixing head. That ensures complete coverage. It has a powerful motor and 12 speeds to choose from. Also, it has a timer with an LED screen and the possibility of auto turning off. The screen also shows you how long have you been mixing for.

How To Use And Clean Breville Bem800xl?

Breville bem800xl scraper mixer pro is user-friendly. All of the speed options are on the side above the screen. Their use is written next to it. It has a tilting head that helps with ingredients or to remove the attachment. It uses motor protecting technology to avoid overheating.

Breville Bem800xl Stand Mixer review

Which Attachments Does It come With?

Since Breville mixer bem800 is a stand mixer, it comes with more accessories. There are 5 quarts mixing bowl. Also, it has a protective shield against splashing. It comes with a flat beater, a whisk, and a dough hook. The beater has an extra rubber flexible edge to scrap all bowl sides. All of the attachments and the bowl can be washed in a dishwasher.

Breville Scraper Mixer Pro Best Price

This Breville stand mixer has a higher price. Yet, it is made of metal to last long. It comes with a 2-year warranty if there is any problem with its work. Probably the best price with a discount you can find on the

Short description:

  • Planetary mixing type
  • Powerful motor with 12 speeds
  • Flexible beaters

Breville Hand Mixer Attachments And Accessories

Using mixer a lot means that some parts, like beaters, can be lost or broken. Maybe you need additional parts you didn`t get, like another model or size of Breville mixing bowl. All of the replacement parts and beaters you can buy from their website or you can check them out on Amazon and other online retailers.

Conclusion: Why To Buy Breville Electric Mixer?

The Breville Company has 2 models of mixers in handheld and stands version. It depends on your needs which one is better for you. If you need free hands and a powerful motor, there is a Breville stand mixer with 12 speeds. If you want to hold it in hands, there is a Breville hand mixer with an LED screen and counter.

There are many more information you can learn about hand mixer, so I also recommend you to read this blog and find all about this model. If you want to see top-rated stand mixer models, you can find them in this article. Also, I advise you to read this post about beaters for the mixer.