Best 3 Cheftronic Stand Mixers & Attachments In 2021 Reviews

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The Cheftronic Mixer Brand

Brand History And Origin

Cheftronic is a relatively new-originated brand. It was established in 2010 in China. Their mission is to produce user-friendly and practical solutions for personal usage. They employ professionals who care about product manufacturing and their quality.

Customer Care

Talking about customer care, they provide all the information you need.  You have a 2-year product warranty. Also, you can register your product on their web page and gather all the information you need. You can contact them on several channels, like social networks or on service central. Also, you can return your product on address depending on where you live.

Where To Buy Their Products?

You can order their products from their web page. They have an order policy and you can check your order state. You can also buy it from their official distributors. I recommend you to use a discount and deliver it to you quickly and safely.

Product And Price Range

Cheftronic stand mixer is one of the products they sell. They also sell stand blenders, ovens, and slow cookers. Their stand mixer is a bit expensive but still affordable. Since they produce it with quality materials, it is intended to last longer.

Blog And Advice

If you want to read Cheftronic mixer review, visit their web page. Except this, you can find interesting recipes you can do with their products. Also, you can find frequently asked questions and answers. They might help you if you don`t want to wait for their answer.

Top 3 Cheftronic Stand Mixer Reviews

Cheftronic SM-986 Stand Mixer

Elegant And User-Friendly Design

This Cheftronic mixer has an elegant and practical design. It has soft and classic lines and achievable buttons. Thanks to a wide footprint, it is stabile while mixing. Also, on the bottom, there are anti-slip suctions cups. They make it more stable and without any moving if you are mixing hands-free on high speed. Thanks to tilting head, you can add ingredients at any moment.

Cheftronic SM-986 Stand Mixer

Plastic Body Easy For Cleaning

It is made out of durable plastic, which keeps it simple to clean. You can wipe the body with a rag. All of the attachments can be removed with a press on an eject button. They can be washed in a dishwasher.

Powerful Motor And Various Speeds

The motor of 650 watts can solve any problem. It can mix, combine, kneed or stir. Also, it can be used in any opportunity. There are 6 speeds, including slow for a clean start and faster. You can control them on a knob which is easy to reach. Also, each speed has pulsing option.

Cheftronic SM-986 Stand Mixer review

Price And Warranty

Cheftronic stand mixer is a bit expensive investment, but it is made to be durable. It comes with a 2-year warranty which you use when something goes wrong.

Accessories For Any Mixing Situation

It comes with a lot of accessories. First, you will get a large capacity mixing bowl. It has 5.5 quarts capacity; to picture it can mix preparation for 9 dozen cakes. It is made out of stainless steel and easy to remove and wash in a dishwasher. There are 3 attachments. Wire whip for creams and foams, dough hook and flat edge beater. Also, there is a transparent splash guard that protects from splashing when mixing and you can add ingredients.

Short description:

  • Powerful motor and 6 speeds
  • Transparent splash guard
  • Anti-slip suction cups at the bottom

Cheftronic Standing Mixer SM985

Practical And Modern Design

Like another Cheftronic mixer, this model also has a user-friendly and practical design. It has a tilting head which helps you add ingredients while mixing. With anti-slip silicone suction cups, it is safe while mixing, even at high speed. All buttons are easy to reach and to control.

Cheftronic Standing Mixer SM985

Powerful Motor And Functions

This model of Cheftronic mixer has a powerful motor capable of different tasks. It has 550 watts and is placed in a plastic housing. You can control it with 6 speeds with different effects. Also, every speed has a pulsing option to help you control mixing more.  The sped knob is on the side and descriptions are in the manuals you will get.

Accessories And Attachments

The Cheftronic mixer comes with different attachments.There is a wire whip, dough hook, and flat beater. Also, you mix in a stainless steel bowl with a 4.2-quart capacity which is enough for personal use. There is also a detachable splash guard. It is transparent so you can see what is going on and to add ingredients without a mess.

Cheftronic Standing Mixer SM985 review

Safe For Using And Easy For Cleaning

It is great to have a stand mixer to have free hands. But, sometimes we forget about ut and motor can overheat. This model of Cheftronic stand mixer has an automatic shut-off function after 15 minutes of working so it doesn`t overheat. Attachments are easy to remove with an eject button and they can be washed in a dishwasher. Bowl is also easy to remove and wash. It has a 2-year warranty if something goes wrong.

Short description:

  • Splash shield
  • 6 speeds and powerful motor
  • 2-quart bowl
  • Different attachments

Cheftronic 3 in 1 Standing Mixer

3 Different Functions In 1 Machine

This model isn`t just a regular mixer. It is a mixture of 3 machines in 1. It can be a mixer, but also is upgraded with grinder and blender.It is sausage and pasta maker in one. You can blend, combine and mix ingredients, make pasta… It doesn`t just save your time, it also saves space in the kitchen.

Cheftronic 3 in 1 Standing Mixer

Various Attachment Set

Since Cheftronic 3 in 1 combines more possibilities in one, you will get more accessories, too. It comes with regular mixer attachments, dough hook, flat beater, and wire whip. Additional is flex edge beater. For a grinder, you will get more attachments depending on what you want to grind. There is also a sausage maker.

Powerful Motor And Detachable Guard

For a mixer, you will get a 5.5-quart stainless steel bowl for mixing. It is easily removed and can be washed in a dishwasher. To prevent mess, it has a detachable transparent guard which helps you add ingredients. The motor has to be powerful, it has 800 watts.

Cheftronic 3 in 1 Standing Mixer review

Safety And Warranty

The motor has an automatic shut down to stop working when is heated up and continues when cools down. It has a 2-year warranty if anything goes wrong. Housing is made out of plastic, but durable to last longer.

Functions And Cleaning

It has 6 speeds. They are controlled on the side knob. There is also a button to raise the head. Thanks to tilting head, you can remove the bowl or beaters easily. They can be all washed in a dishwasher. All of the other parts are also for dishwasher, but smaller parts should be hand washed.

Short description:

  • Mixer, blender, and grinder in one machine
  • Powerful, but safe motor
  • A lot of accessories

Cheftronic Stand Mixer Parts And Accessories

Mixer and blender are machines that are used often, so it is easy to lose or break parts. If you need reserved parts or accessories, or you just want to upgrade your mixer. Here you can find Cheftronic stand mixer attachments for an affordable price. Also, with every attachment you order, you will get a 6 months warranty.

Cheftronic Stand Mixer Manuals

You will get printed manuals and warranty in every original package. You can use your warranty if you register products on their web page. Also, there you can read everything about the conditions. If you lose manuals or need them, you can download them from here. There you can find all the information on how to use and clean mixer.

Conclusion: Why To Buy Cheftronic Mixer?

The first model of Cheftronic stand mixer is ideal for personal usage. It has user-friendly functions and splashes guard to control the mess. There are two models of Cheftronic mixer, one is a bit expensive and this model is cheaper and lighter for transport. Chronic 3 in 1 machine has 3 machines in 1 so you don`t have to buy them separately.

There are many more products on the market. If you want to learn which is the best-rated hand mixer, read this article. All information about the electric stand mixer you can find on this blog. Also, if you want to learn more about stand mixer attachments, I recommend reading this article.