Best 5 Stick Hand Mixers & Blenders For Sale In 2021 Reviews

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Here I will write about the stick hand mixer and hand mixer blender models. I will provide different solutions for each category and compare their characteristics. Also, I will write reviews on their functions and even give advice on buying other models.


Stick Hand Mixers And Blenders Facts

Characteristics And Functions

Usually, stick mixer has fewer speeds than other mixers. It is ideal for mixing in a narrow bowl and while cooking. Also, buttons are easy to reach because you can hold it in one hand. Yet, they still need to have powerful motors and different speeds.

Attachments It Can Have

The stick mixer usually has a blender attachment. It comes as 2 machines in one. It also can have a shaker attachment or come as a closed blender. There are many options you can choose from and the most important is the body.

Where To Buy Them?

You can buy the hand mixer blender in any shop with kitchen appliances. Yet, if you want to order it online, I recommend you to visit There you can read comments and reviews and get a discount for ordering.

Cordless And Electric Solution

There are two main types of stick mixers: electricity powered and cordless. These which are cordless are battery powered and you have to charge them. They are ideal for outdoor mixing or camping. Electricity mixers have a long cord to help you move and mix.

Hand Mixer Blender Price
Since there are different models, the price range is wide. It depends on material quality, accessories, and functions. There are always affordable models and cheaper solutions, but the expensive one usually has a warranty and them last longer.

Best 5 Stick Hand Mixer And Blender Models

Best Electric Stick Mixer

Kitchenaid Stick Mixer

Ergonomic And Sophisticated Design
This hand mixer and blender look very sophisticated thanks to elegant design. It has an ergonomic body that is comfortable for holding. The main parts are made of metal and the handle is covered. It is still very lightweight to control it easily.

Powerful Functions And Motor
Thanks to a powerful motor, this hand mixer is capable of different tasks. It has 3 different speeds and the control button is big and from the front side. Use slower speeds at the beginning to avoid splashing. Also, it works quietly.

KitchenAid 5-Speed Hand Blender

A Lot Of Attachments
This is the model that probably has the most accessories. It comes with a whisk, 3 different blades with security cap, a blending pitcher with measurements and shaker. Blades have a different type of knives and are very sharp. They are all made of stainless steel to last long and cut sharp. Attachments like blades and whisk can be washed in a dishwasher.

Storage And Cleaning
It is easy to store and transport it since you will get a hard shell storage case. All of the attachments are removable and easy to clean. Also, you just need to wipe the body of the mixer to keep it clean. The stick mixer has a narrow and compact body and doesn`t use too much space.

Kitchenaid Stick Mixer review

Price Range And Models
There are 3 different models and they have a difference in speeds and attachments. You can choose between 5, 3 and 2 speeds and each model comes with different accessories. The most accessories have the model with 5 speeds. Also, it has the highest price.

Short Description:

  • 2, 3 or 5 speed models
  • Different attachments
  • Sophisticated and modern

Best Cordless Stick Mixer

Cuisinart Cordless And Rechargeable Smartstick Hand Blender

Professional Design
Because of the chrome look, this stick mixer has a professional look. It has an ergonomic handle for easier holding and shiny surfaces. Also, it has a long foot so you can mix in a narrow bowl and large quantity. Yet, you can rest it on the attachment.

Cordless Using
This hand stick mixer has batteries and is cordless. You have to charge it for over the night until it is full and you can work for 20 minutes per charging. The batteries have a quick charge option, so you can charge them quickly when you need it.

Cuisinart Cordless And Rechargeable Smartstick Hand Blender

Accessories That You Will Get
The hand blender comes with a blade protected with a wide shield. It has a wired whisk and a measuring cup. Attachments can be used in any mixing bowl. They are all dishwasher safe and are easy to remove.

Features And Speeds
A hand mixer with blender attachment has a powerful motor that works quietly. It also has 5 different speeds you can choose from, depending on which attachment do you use. Also, all of the buttons are easy to reach with one hand and you have a speed indicator which shows which speed you use.

Cuisinart Cordless And Rechargeable Smartstick Hand Blender review

Price And Using
The mixer has affordable prices counting everything you get with it. Since it is cordless, you can bring it with you when you travel or camping. It works strongly when is charged and there`s no cord that bothers you. It is temperature proof so you can use it when cooking.

Short Description:

  • 5 speeds
  • Powerful motor
  • Cordless and rechargeable
  • Professional but user-friendly

Best Hand Mixer Immersion Blender

BAYKA Multi-Purpose Hand Mixer

Modern And Minimalistic Design
Stick hand mixer has a minimalistic, but modern design. It has a black and ergonomic black handle with blue lights around it when it works. It has durable stainless steel parts and a long foot for stability and narrow bowls.

Advanced Functions And Using
The mixer has an advanced program of using speeds. It has a rotating knob on the top where you control speeds and strength. It has a maximum boost for quick mixing or blending. It has a powerful 500 watts motor and is capable of more tasks.

BAYKA Multi-Purpose Hand Mixer

Attachments It Comes With
This stick mixer blender comes with stainless steel blades with 4 knives and a whisk. They are all easy to assembly and it is just enough to rinse it, but it is dishwasher safe. They can be used in different types of mixing bowls.

Easy And Safe To Use
Unlike other mixers with rotating attachments assembly, this model has an easy click feature which ensures safe mixing. It is also easy to remove it and has a long cord to move around the kitchen. Also, the blades have a protection shield to prevent splashing.

BAYKA Multi-Purpose Hand Mixer review

Easy To Store
The mixer has a compact and narrow-body which can fit into a drawer. Also, it has a hook, so you can hang it. It is very lightweight and you can hang it anywhere and bring it with you when you go on vacation.

Short Description:

  • Blue light indicator
  • Rotating top for speed control
  • Hook for storage

Best Commercial Stick Mixer

Li Bai Commercial Mixer Electric

Professional And Sophisticated Design
The design of this mixer is really professional because it is used for commercial needs. It has a very long foot for mixing or blending large quantities. It is suitable for mixing while cooking because is heath proof.

Li Bai Commercial Mixer Electric

Advanced Functions And Motor
The mixer has a powerful 500 watts mixer with a cooling system to prevent overheating. It has adjustable rotation and changing speeds options. All of the buttons are on the front side and easy to reach.

Attachments And Foot
There are different foot lengths. Mixers have the same characteristics, but you can choose the height. It comes with a sharp blades attachment with a protection shield. Also, you will get a whisk for mixing. All of the attachments can be used in a different mixing bowl and are dishwasher safe.

Li Bai Commercial Mixer Electric review

Safe For Using
You hold it for a big handle on the top. It looks like the handle of a hand mixer. The mixer is made of quality stainless steel and is very durable. You just need to clean it with a clog to keep it safe. You rotate attachments to adjust it, so they can`t fell. Be sure to read instructions before using.

Easy To Store
Thanks to the narrow and compact body, it doesn`t use too much space. Also, you can hang it around and has a long cord to help you move in the kitchen.

Short Description:

  • Professional functions and attachments
  • Powerful 500 watts motor
  • Can be used for commercial purposes

Best Portable Hand Mixer

THRITOP Cordless Electric Kitchen Hand Mixer

Compact And User-Friendly Design
This mixer has really compact and useful design. It comes in different colors, so you can choose the one you want the most. It is made entirely of plastic to be lightweight. Thanks to an ergonomic handle, it is comfortable for holding.

THRITOP Cordless Electric Kitchen Hand Mixer

3 Head Positions
You can use this stick mixer in any position. It has a removable head and you can choose 3 options. On the angle twisting button, you can adjust one of three angles. The first is 180 degrees to be like a stick mixer and the other two are 135 and 90 degrees.

Powerful Motor And Functions
The motor is powerful for personal use and works quietly. It only has 2 speeds, but it makes it easier to use it. All of the controlling buttons are on the front side and easy to reach with one hand. They are humanized and you don`t need too much time to learn how to use it.

THRITOP Cordless Electric Kitchen Hand Mixer review

Cordless Technique And Attachments
The mixer uses batteries to work. They can be charged on a USB charger and after charging it can work for 30 minutes. It comes with the whisk attachment and drinks mixing attachment. They are easy to remove and are dishwasher safe.

Easy To Use
Besides humanized buttons; the mixer has a stable base so you can rest it without beaters touching the surface. It is ideal for camping and bringing with you.

Short Description:

  • Powerful and portable
  • 2 speeds
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • 3 angles of head position

Conclusion: Which Is The Best Hand Mixer Blender?

Comparing different stick mixer models, I would recommend 2 models. The first is the Kitchenaid hand stick mixer. It has advanced functions and sophisticated design. If you need a portable stick mixer, I recommend Thritop stick mixer with 3 possible head angles.

There are many more mixers on the market, so search this site and find the best-rated hand mixer. Also, on this blog, you can find baking mixer machine for perfect cookies results. If you want to buy on a budget, search here for cheap stand mixer models.