Best 4 Cuisinart Hand & Stand Mixer To Get In 2021 Reviews

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Here, I will write about the Cuisinart hand mixer and its characteristics. Also, I will mention Cuisinart stand mixer models and describe them. You can compare those mixers and find the one that suits you the most.


The Cuisinart Hand And Stand Mixer Company

The Cuisinart Company History

The company was established in 1973. Their first and most recognizable product is a food processor. It was the easiest and quick way to eat healthily. Today, its products list is long. They produce kitchen appliances, like mixers, food processors, blenders… They also have cookware, cutlery and many other kitchen accessories.

Where To Buy Their Products?

You can shop their products directly from their web page. Since they are internationally famous, you can find their products in the distributors’ shops all around the world. Still, if you want to buy them online, I recommend finding Cuisinart mixers on sale on There you can find discounts and fast delivery.

Customer Support And Care

If you need any advice or to solve a problem, you can call them or contact them via email on their web page. They care a lot about their community. On blogs, you can find different recipes you can make using their appliances.

Cuisinart Mixer Price And Warranty

Cuisinart 3-speed hand mixer is the cheapest of all their products. Other mixers have a higher price, but also durable and professional execution. For each model, they provide a warranty. Also, they have repair services where you can solve a problem.

Why Choose Their Products?

Cuisinart products are user-friendly and simple, so customers often choose them. But besides that, they care a lot about the community. They raise a foundation for breast cancer organizations, for an army and other organizations. In that way, you also support these movements.

Top 4 Cuisinart Hand Stand Mixer Reviews

Cuisinart 5 Speed Hand Mixer

User-Friendly Design

Cuisinart 5-speed hand mixer has a compact and practical design. It has a big and ergonomically designed handle for safer holding. It has a flat heel to rest it. Also, a cord is long to move around the kitchen. The compact and narrow body makes it easy to store it, it doesn`t use much space.

Cuisinart 5 Speed Hand Mixer

Cuisinart 5 Speed Mixer Functions

The Cuisinart mixer has a 200 watts motor. Thanks to it, it is capable for different tasks. It is intended for personal use only. Also, it has an automatic feedback function. You can choose between 5 speeds. Slower speeds help to have a clean start and to mix ingredients gradually.

Which Attachments Are Included?

This Cuisinart electric hand mixer comes with classic attachments. It comes with regular beaters which are long. You can use them in narrow bowls as well. It also comes with a spatula which helps you cleaning the remains off the bowl.

Cuisinart 5 Speed Hand Mixer review

How To Clean And Use It?

Cuisinart 5-speed mixer is safe for use. It has user-friendly functions. You change speeds on the top with an easy-to-slide button. Also, it has an eject button that helps you with removing beaters. Beaters are dishwasher-safe and the mixer body can be wiped with a wet rug.

Short description:

  • Powerful motor and 5 speeds
  • Long and dishwasher-safe beaters
  • Simple and narrow design

Cuisinart 9 Speed Hand Mixer

Cuisinart 9 Speed Hand Mixer With Storage Case Design

This Cuisinart handheld mixer is a solution for those who lack in space. It has a narrow and user-friendly design but still has a storage case. There you can put all attachments and a cable cord. Also, it gives stability to the mixer and you can put it anywhere. You can bring it easier with you wherever you go.

Cuisinart 9 Speed Hand Mixer

Functions And Characteristics

Cuisinart hand mixer with storage case has powerful motor and useful functions. It has 220 watts motor with automatic feedback. It is capable of different tasks, yet it works quietly. It has 9 speeds. That gives you more opportunity to choose. You can start with slower speeds for a clean start and then use maximum power.

Attachments And Accessories It Comes With

Cuisinart 9-speed mixer comes with more accessories than the previous model. It has regular beaters, a whisk, dough hooks, and spatula. It also comes with manuals and it is advisable to read them before. All of the attachments can be saved in a storage box that comes with it, too.

Cuisinart 9 Speed Hand Mixer review

Easy To Use And Clean

The mixer is very easy to clean and use. All of the buttons are top-mounted and easy to reach with one hand. Also, it has a big and ergonomic handle for longer holding. It is lightweight, too. All of the attachments can be washed in a dishwasher. You remove them easily by pressing an eject button.

Short description:

  • 9 speeds for everyday tasks
  • Storage case
  • A lot of attachments
  • User-friendly design

Cuisinart 7 Quart Stand Mixer

Sophisticated And Modern Design

Unlike previous hand mixers, this mixer has a modern and functional design. It is a stand mixer model, so it uses more space in the kitchen. It has a wide foot for stability while mixing. Its lines are classical and elegant. Also, it is a bit heavier and is intended to be fixed in one place.

Cuisinart 7 Quart Stand Mixer

Advanced Cuisinart 7 Quart Stand Mixer Functions

Like every Cuisinart stand mixer, this mixer has a lot of functions, too. It has 12 speeds you can choose from. The motor has 1000 watts and is very powerful. It can be a household help, but also a professional stand mixer. Also, it has a tilting head which helps you add ingredients and remove attachments.

How To Use And Clean It?

All of the attachments and accessories it comes with are dishwasher-safe. Attachments are removed with a press on a button. Speeds are changed on the side-knob. There is also an LCD screen where you can set a mixing time. It will automatically shut-off after the desired time of working.

Accessories It Comes With

The mixer includes a big and stainless steel mixing bowl. It has a capacity of 7 quarts. It comes with a regular flat beater, a dough hook and a whisk. It has included splash protector to protect from splashing during mixing. There is a manual book for all the instructions you need.

Cuisinart 7 Quart Stand Mixer review

Cuisinart 12 Speed Stand Mixer Price And Warranty

This model of Cuisinart stand mixer is made of metal. It has a durable body. Also, it is one of the most expensive models. To keep it safe and to work long, it comes with a warranty which you can use after registration.

Other Type Of Cuisinart Stand Mixer

There is also a Cuisinart 5.5-quart stand mixer model. It has all similar characteristics as this model and the same color. The only difference is 5.5 quarts mixing bowl and 800 watts motor.

Short description:

  • A big mixing bowl
  • 12 speeds
  • Metal body construction
  • 1000 watts motor

Cuisinart Precision Master Stand Mixer

More Simple Design

Comparing it to other stand mixers, this model of Cuisinart Precision mixer is for those who need reliable help in the kitchen. It has a more compact and lightweight body. Also, it has a wide foot to be stable while mixing. Its lines are modern and sophisticated and it looks good in any interior.

Cuisinart Precision Master Stand Mixer

Cuisinart Master Stand Mixer Functions

This model has simpler functions, too. It also has 12 speeds. Slower speeds are better for a clean start and faster ones for maximum energy when mixing. But, it has 350 watts motor which works quietly. The head is tilting to add ingredients and remove attachments easier.

User-Friendly Using

Only buttons on the mixer are on the side. There is a speed knob where you choose speeds and a button for a tilting head.

Cuisinart Precision Master Stand Mixer review

How Much It Costs?

Cuisinart precision stand mixer costs less than other models. It is intended for personal usage only. It is made of plastic, but long-lasting. Also, it comes with a 2-year warranty if anything goes wrong.

Precision Master Attachments

There are different attachments it comes with. You will get a flat beater, a dough hook, and a whisk. Also, there is a stainless steel 3.5 quarts mixing bowl with a handle for easier removing. All of the attachments can be washed in a dishwasher. Different Cuisinart accessories go on it. You can put a shredder, a pasta maker… so you can use it as many machines in one.

Short description:

  • Simple and minimalistic design
  • Tilting head and easy-to-reach knob
  • 12 speeds

Cuisinart Mixer Attachments

Every mixer can get broken. Also, you can easily lose some parts. You can replace some parts of a service, using your warranty. But, if you need a new or additional beater, you can buy it on their website. You can choose the model you have and find Cuisinart hand mixer attachments.

Conclusion: Why To Buy Cuisinart Mixer?

There are different types of mixers you can find here. You can choose between 2 models of Cuisinart hand mixer. The first is the Cuisinart 5 speed hand mixer. The other is  Cuisinart 9 speed hand mixer with a storage case. There are two models of Cuisinart stand mixer. Cuisinart 7-quart stand mixer is a professional solution and  Cuisinart precision master stand mixer is more for personal use.

There are many more mixers on the market. Search for some of the best-ranked hand mixers on this blog. You might also be interested in the best stand mixer, so find it in this article. If you need another type of hand mixer beaters, you can find them here.