Best 2 Krups Hand Held Mixers & Attachments In 2021 Reviews

You can`t decide which Krups hand mixer is the best choice for you?

Well, my article is here to help you!

Here I will describe Krups handheld mixer models. You can read about their pros and cons, features and characteristics. That can help you decide which one will suit you. To make it more easy for you, compare their characteristics at the end of the review.


The Krups Brand Information

Brand Story And History

The Krups brand invents a lot in improving their products and innovations. They produce kitchen appliances and machines. List of their products is long; from coffee machines, beer tenders, toasters, ovens, mixers, fryers… Originated from Germany, the product`s mechanical quality is in the first place.

Practical And Sophisticated Design

All of the mentioned products have a practical and minimalistic design. It doesn`t only look good in any interior style, but it also helps to be user-friendly. Thanks to innovating details, you can easily handle it. They are also practical and don`t use much space.

Customers Service And Satisfaction

To make their customers satisfied, they invest a lot into customer support. You can check user manuals on their web page, find interesting recipes. Also, you can download the warranty for any product. They have a repair center which will support you if anything goes wrong. If you don`t want to wait, you can email them your problem.

The Price Range Of Krups Hand Mixer

Prices of their mixer are fair and affordable to a larger group of people. Some of the advanced models have a higher price, but you can find a simple mixer that is cheaper. Yet, their price reflects their quality. Sometimes, it is better to invest little more money into a product and have it for longer.

Where To Buy Krups Hand Held Mixer?

Since they don`t sell their products online, they gave you a list of their online distributors where can you find their products. I will advise you to search on since you can find discounts and costumers reviews.

The Best 2 Krups Hand Mixer Reviews

Krups gn492851Hand Mixer

10 Speeds For Perfect Result

Unlike other hand mixers, this model has 10 different speeds to adjust the one you need the most. You have a slow start and auto-adjust functions to prevent splashing. Button for speed adjusting is top-mounted and easy to reach, so you can change speed using one hand while whisking.

Krups gn492851Hand Mixer

Digital Screen And Other Buttons

With Turbo mode, you can reach maximum speed in a few seconds. Also, you can adjust the timer to know for how long you have been whisking. Also, you can pause it when you need to add another ingredient. You can easily track time on a digital screen.

Silicone Coated Beaters

To be quieter and to prevent your dishes from scratching, beaters are covered in silicone. You can scrape the leftovers from a bowl with them, too. Beside usual beaters, Krups handheld mixer comes with dough beaters and one big whisk.

Krups gn492851Hand Mixer review

A Box To Keep It Organised

A box for saving beaters comes with a mixer. It can be a storage for a cable, too. That helps you organizing and minimizes space of storage. Also, it prevents the cable from plug out or being damaged. When working with it, this box can be used as a stand.

Functional And Minimalistic Design

Despite being pleasing to the eye, design of a  Krups 10 speed digital hand mixer is user-friendly, too. It has practical design and wide handle. You can hold it firmly and it is safe for use. All of the buttons are top-mounted and easy to reach. Also, it has flat surfaces that are easy to clean.

Short description:

  • 10 speeds and strong motor
  • Turbo power button and digital screen timer
  • Silicone coated beaters
  • Box as storage for beaters and a cable

Krups All In One Hand Blender

Blender And Mixer In One

Why buy more products when you can save money and space? This model is 2 in 1. It is a handheld blender that has different accessories and changes its role. In that way, you can use it to chop, puree, blend or whisk.

Krups All In One Hand Blender

Safe And Ergonomic Handle

The handle is in stick shape, long and thin enough to fit good in a hand. It is made out of rubber and has grips to be safe for use. Is has an ergonomic design which helps you hold it for a longer time. Also, all of the managing buttons are on the front side for easier controlling.

Comes With More Accessories

As I have mentioned before, this product is multi-practical, so it comes with more accessories. It comes with a chopper for blending in a bowl, bowl with knives which you can use as a blender. You just attach stick on it and control speed. Also, it has a whisker attachment for mixing. Shaft removes easily, with a click to change accessories.

Krups All In One Hand Blender review

LCD Screen Shows Speed

Unlike the Krups 10 speed hand mixer, this model has 6 speeds. Button for changing is easy to reach and in front. The LED screen on the top shows the chosen speed. So, you don`t have to twist blender or stip you work to check which speed is on.

Quality And Warranty

It is made out of quality steel to be durable. Stick is covered with rubber for better control and non-slip feeling while holding. Thanks to German technology, it is made to be long-lasting. Also, you get a 2-years warranty for blender worldwide.

Short description:

  • LCD which shows speeds
  • easily changeable accessories
  • 2 years warranty

Krups Hand Mixer Replacement Parts And Accessories

As hand mixer and blender are used a lot in cooking, this means almost every day work, their parts can be easily broken. So, the manufacturer took care of customers. You can find parts, like bowls or Krups mixer beaters on their website, but since they don`t sell things, you can buy it from distributors, like

Krups Hand Mixer Manual And Instructions

With Krups products, you`ll get printed manuals. There you can read about their functions, parts and the correct way to use them. If you lose it or want to read it right now, you can download the online manual here. There you can find instructions on how to use each button in pictures, how to clean it in 3 languages and with pictures.

Conclusion: Why To Buy Krups Hand Mixer?

If you are reading other Krups hand mixer reviews, you can find different opinions on why to buy each model. Krups hand blender is a multifunctional product which combines more accessories in one and is very practical. But if you need more professional solutions for your baking and mixing, Krups hand mixer should be your first choice.

If you want to read more about handheld mixers in general, you can read this post. Maybe you need a different solution and are interesting in a stand mixer than I recommend you to read this article. All in all, if you want to compare models and find the best mixer for baking, you should definitely visit this site.