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Here I will describe the most popular models on the market. I will describe their characteristics and provide you with all the information you need to know. Among Hamilton Beach hand mixer, I will present you Hamilton Beach hand blender and Hamilton Beach stand mixer to help you decide which one is the best choice for your kitchen. But, let`s start with some basic information!


The Hamilton Beach Brand

Company History

Long ago, in 1904, L.H. Hamilton and C. Beach decided to create universal motor for kitchen appliances in every day and home use. In the era of great progress in equipping private kitchen with modern appliances which are helping, they expanded their production to many new products. Thanks to their quality and design, they succeeded and expanded their products internationally.

Connecting With Consumers

Today, they are a corporation that employs more than 500 people. Their mission is, as they state, to be in constant contact with consumers and to satisfy their needs. If you buy their product, you can keep in touch via social media channels. As well, you can write them an e-mail or register on the web site to receive coupons and recipes every week. Also, they have a customer service center if you need a piece of technical advice.

International Free Delivery

The company is selling a great number of appliances per year and they offer you a free delivery over 75$. Yet, they concentrate on the USA and Canada. If you want to be sure that your package gets on time and to have free delivery with an extra discount, I will advise you to use some of their distributors, like

Warranty And Return Policy

The difference between the vintage Hamilton Beach mixer and the modern model is only in design. You can still find some models to buy online, like an interesting vintage Hamilton Beach milkshake mixer. That proves that their models are long-lasting, but they still provide warranty for any product. Also, you can find it online and download it. If you need to return your product, you can easily do it following instructions on their web page.

Wide Range Of Products

Hamilton Beach milkshake, hand, and stand mixer are only a few products they sell. You can find different products to equip your kitchen completely: blenders, bread makers, coffee grinders, deep fryers, kettles, grills, juicers… The list is very long. You can find anything you want and a price range is affordable and fair.

The Best 5 Hamilton Beach Mixer Reviews

Hamilton Beach 63390 Stand Mixer

One But Efficient Beater

Unlike other models of a stand mixer with 2 beaters, this model has only one beater. It performs well because of a planetary rotation which covers the whole bowl. No scrapping is necessary and it beats whole mass evenly. It uses stainless steel bowl for mixing and it doesn`t leave scratches when mixing in any other bowl, too.

Hamilton Beach 63390 Stand Mixer

Accessories You Get

With regular whisk beater, there are 2 more attachments that you get: dough hook and flat beater. They are non-stick and you won`t get a problem while mixing. You mix in a 4-quart stainless steel bowl with included splatter shield which protects mixer and environment from splashing.

Powerful And User-Friendly Functions

Hamilton Beach handstand mixer has a 300-watt motor which is capable of difficult tasks, yet appropriate for personal use. You can completely control over mixing and can choose between 7 speeds. Wheel button for changing speeds is easy to reach and use, it is on the side.

Hamilton Beach 63390 Stand Mixer review

Easy To Use And Move

You don`t have to be a professional to know how to use Hamilton Beach 7 speed stand mixer, you will get a mixing guide. It has a tilt-up head if you want to lift it and add ingredients. It is easy to lift it with a push of a button. Also, it has a modern and sophisticated design that looks good in any interior. Weighing only 10 lbs it is easy to move around.

Hands-Free Mixing And Cleaning

Thanks to Hamilton Beach classic stand mixer, you can mix and do something else because you have free hands. It is easy to clean; you can easily wipe the body and surfaces. All of the attachments bowl and splatter shield can be washed in a dishwasher. It can stand outside all the time or you can store it.

Short description:

  • powerful motor and 7 speeds
  • splash protection and one beater
  • planetary rotation for full cover

Hamilton Beach Classic Drinkmaster

Mix And Shake Function

This model of Hamilton Beach milkshake looks like a vintage Hamilton Beach milkshake mixer. It is intended for people who won’t make thick shakes or soda at home. It has two functions, it can mix drinks or even eggs and it can shake and produce bubbles for soda.

Hamilton Beach Classic Drinkmaster

Dimensions of Hamilton Beach shake mixer

This model of Hamilton Beach drink mixer is rather small and slim and doesn`t use much space. It is 14 inches tall, so it can fit into any kitchen. It has a slim design, but a firm foot to be stable. It is intended for personal use only but can be used in cocktail bars. Weighing only 4 pounds, you can easily move it around.

Functions And Speeds

The mixer has 2 speeds. You can choose between them to blend or mix and to achieve the wanted result. The first speed is a bit slower, but you can use it to prevent splashes. The second speed is stronger, so you can use it for thicker things.

Hamilton Beach Classic Drinkmaster review

28-Ounces Mixing Cup

Cup you are mixing in is big. It has 28 ounces. It is made out of steel to last longer. Good thing is that it is tall enough to prevent splashing around and to have a lot of space for use.

Easy To Use And Clean

The mixer has a tilt-back head and that is useful if you want to add ingredients slowly. It also had a detachable spindle which is easy to clean. The spindle and the cup can be washed in a dishwasher. The rest of the mixer can be easily wiped.

Short description:

  • 2 speeds to blend and mix
  • 28 ounces cup
  • Tilt-back head for easier handling

Hamilton Beach Stand Mixer 63392

Functional Design

This model of Hamilton stand mixer has a functional design which is similar to other models. Yet, it has a big difference because it has a big handle on top of it. Handle helps you lift the head and also you can move it easier around or transport it. It has a firm and nonslip pedestal for safe work.

Hamilton Beach Stand Mixer 63392

Accessories And Parts

Withstand mixer, you will get a stainless steel bowl which is big enough for personal needs. It comes with 3 different beaters: classic beater, a whisk, and a dough hook. Thanks to the 300-watt motor, these beaters can work with any form.

Planetary Rotation

Maybe it has only one whisk, but it is efficient as the model with a pair of whisks. Thanks to planetary rotation, Hamilton Beach 7 speed stand mixer scratches all parts of the bowl and mixes evenly. Whisks are non-stick, which helps you while mixing. Also, you can tilt-back head to add extra ingredients, using only one button.

Hamilton Beach Stand Mixer 63392 review

Easy To Use And Clean

Thanks to the splatter shield you get with it, you won`t have a lot to clean. It prevents splashing from the bowl no matter which speed is on. All of the surfaces are flat, so you can easily wipe them. Buttons are on the one side of it, so you can easily achieve them. Beaters, splatter shield, and bowl can be washed in a dishwasher.

7 Speeds And Mixing Guide

Maybe you think you have to be a professional to use this mixer, but you don`t. It has 7 speeds and you can choose the best for you, but if you never have used the mixer, you can check on a mixing guide which speed to use. It is on the top, very visible. Wheel for controlling speeds is on the side, easy to achieve and control.

Short description:

  • Splash shield to protect from splashing
  • 7 speeds and wheel control
  • Mixing guide on the top
  • Planetary rotation covers the whole bowl

Hamilton Beach Retro Mixer for Milkshakes

Retro Design For Vintage Lovers

If you love an old design, this vintage Hamilton Beach mixer is ideal for you. It was designed as milk shakers used to look like at the beginning. It is different from the previous model because it has a different platform design and some other characteristics. Yet, it is still usable.

Hamilton Beach Retro Mixer for Milkshakes

Speeds And Functions

With two speeds, you can choose between blend and mixing. The powerful spindle can handle drinks or thick shakes. It has a big 28 oz cup to prepare a lot and protect from splashing. Cup is attached to Hamilton Beach drink mixer and is safe to fill up.

Easy To Clean

All of the parts are easy to clean, so it can be used in cocktail bars, too. Detaching spindle is easy to remove. You can wash a cup and a spindle in a dishwasher. Surfaces are flat and easy to clean. Thanks to a big, it doesn`t splash a lot outside.

Hamilton Beach Retro Mixer for Milkshakes review

Materials And Price

It is made out of aluminum for different reasons. The first reason is to be durable and to last longer. The second reason is to be lightweight and transport easy. It is a bit expensive than other models, but it is because of its retro design. Also, it has a 5-year limited warranty so you can ask the producer to help you.

Short description:

  • 28 ounces cup
  • 2 speeds and powerful motor
  • 5 year limited warranty

Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Electric Hand Mixer

Affordable Price For Practical Solution

This model of Hamilton Beach 6 speed hand mixer is very practical and user-friendly. It has maybe lower quality than other models but is cheaper. If you use it properly it can last longer and work well. With minimalistic and practical design with a big handle on the top, it doesn`t stand out but is practical.

Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Electric Hand Mixer

Snap-On Storage Case

Thanks to the storage box that is snapped-on under the body, this model is easy to store. It helps you storage beaters, so you can`t lose them. Also, it protects the cable from destroying. When you put the storage case on the mixer, it is stable for standing.

Functions And Characteristics

Hand mixer has 6 speeds, from the slowest to the faster speeds. In that way, you can easily control mixing. Speed button is top-mounted and easy to reach. It also has a built-in groove so you can put the mixer on the edge of the bowl and rest the hand or add ingredients. The motor has 275 watts and is capable of doing everyday tasks for personal use.

Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Electric Hand Mixer review

Accessories And Parts

This handheld mixer comes with 3 different types of beaters: a pair of classical beaters that are easy to clean, dough hooks and a whisker. You pull them out with an eject button. They can be washed in a dishwasher. All of the parts can be stored in a storage space easily thanks to back doors.

Easy To Use

Because it is very lightweight, you can hold it for a longer time. It has a practical and user-friendly design with a big handle for holding.

Short description:

  • 6 speeds and 275-watt motor
  • Snap-on storage case with doors
  • Very lightweight
  • Built-in groove for keeping it on the bowl

Hamilton Beach Replacement Parts And Accessories

Since you use mixers a lot on a daily base, you can easily break or lose a part. To continue work with a machine, Hamilton Beach company provides extra parts and accessories. If you can`t find the wanted part on their web page, they provide a phone number to contact and ask. Also, they have a parts diagram which will help you find your accessories number.

Hamilton Beach Manuals And Instructions

In every original package of equipment you buy, you should have a printed copy of manuals with instructions on how to use it. If you lose it, you can download it from this page. You just need to enter Model Number and will get an original manual.

Conclusion: Why To Buy Hamilton Beach Mixer?

After all these reviews, you have a solid comparison of most popular Hamilton Beach mixers. They all have modern and advanced functions, but you can choose the style and type you prefer. Some may need Hamilton Beach drink mixer or Hamilton Beach 6 speed hand mixer because they don`t use too much storage. Some may like comfort and free hands so you will choose some of Hamilton Beach to stand mixer models.

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